Dr. Woo's Twisted Clone Shop



Dr. Woo’s Twisted Clone Shop

Dr. Woo’s Twisted Clone Shop is a puzzle/matching game in which you attempt to clone various animals, anything from a gold fish to a unicorn. Work your way through over a dozen genetic experiments, but watch out for mutations and other stuffs!

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Who is Woo?

Well, that’s a good question. Dr. Woo is a complex and complicated man. After receiving a B. A. in Bad Assery, Woo became a part of the Rhombus of Evil, a group of super villains hell-bent on world domination. After several meetings, the Rhombus of Evil decided to downsize to the Triangle of Evil, because a triangle is a much more evil shape. After being kicked out of the group, Woo spent the majority of his time working in a scientific lab, secretly working on his genetic experiments. After the lab was shut down, Woo took his genetically altered bat/dog, aptly named Batdog, and began to plot his comeback as the ultimate villain. He plans to take over the world with his weird and twisted clones. Showing everyone, including the Triangle of Evil, who’s really boss.

"Yes! It's working!!! Gah blast, wait, something's gone horribly wrong!"
-Dr. Woo